Sezen Akçakaya

Talent Acquisition Manager

Sezen Akçakaya was born in Istanbul. After graduating from Uludağ University, Department of Economics, she started her professional career in 2001 in the field of VIP/Corporate Customer Management in the telecommunications sector operating globally. In this role, she was responsible for solving subscriber problems, ensuring customer satisfaction, providing after-sales operational support to the corporate sales network and active sales team.Afterwards, Sezen Akçakaya worked as a Senior Account Manager at a leading company in the field of electronic publishing and took part in the processes of determining the recruitment needs of business partners, presenting and guiding alternatives for the products to be used by the customer, tracking changing needs and providing solutions. As she wanted to advance in the field of recruitment in her career, she switched to the consultancy sector as of June 2017 and worked as a Recruitment Consultant responsible for the entire management of talent acquisition and recruitment processes. Sezen, who has been involved in many projects in sectors such as textile, automotive, industry, FMCG, chemistry, machinery, etc., continues as Talent Acquisition Manager at HUMANERA Consulting.Sezen Akçakaya is married and has one child.