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HUMANERATransparently conveys the most up-to-date and healthy information to its business partners in a timely and transparent manner with its professional approach at every step.

Since its establishment in 2008, HUMANERA is a consultancy company that has been contributing to the field of talent acquisition with its expert staff and unique and embracing approach in projects.




We are aware of the critical importance of every passing day for organizations and with this understanding, we complete all our projects within the promised time.We are committed to the highest level of quality and efficiency even in the most difficult projects, and we realize all projects within the promised time, with well-designed methods by offering alternative solutions.
It is inevitable that companies need to move forward with high-performing talents in order to achieve corporate sustainability. HUMANERA's structured processes, competency inventories, objective and comparative assessments, and high performance project management approach provide an optimum match between the expectations of organizations.Our Business Partners prefer HUMANERA because of its reputation for achieving successful results and making a significant contribution to the process, as well as meeting the high expectations of the Business Partners continuously and far above the standards.The cornerstones of HUMANERA's preference as a result of this success in all the work it takes responsibility for and as a result of long-term Business Partner relationships are as follows:

Timely Feedback

Feedback given to our business partners at necessary and important points during the project ensures that our business partners follow all stages of the process.

Monitoring Our Contribution

In our completed projects, we regularly monitor our performance in meeting the expectations of our business partners.

Deep experience...
Reliable Business Partner

With its professional approach at every step, HUMANERA provides its business partners with the most up-to-date and healthy information in a timely and transparent manner.

Helping our business partners drive change, transformation and impact their strategic objectives

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    Our Commitments HUMANERA

    HUMANERA constantly aims to exceed the expectations of its business partners.


    HUMANERA constantly aims to exceed the expectations of its business partners. With their outstanding expertise, our consultants provide our business partners with the highest level of service with a focus on excellent quality.

    Diversity and Inclusion

    At HUMANERA, we passionately believe that a focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace will create better business outcomes for many organizations.


    HUMANERA, both as a legal entity and as individual employees, undertakes to adhere to the principle of confidentiality in all services it provides to its business partners.

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    Through the Eyes of Our Partners

    More than three quarters of our business partners work with us on a minimum of 9 projects in a year and indicate that they would like to use our services again. We are pleased to share that our average satisfaction rating is 92%.

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