Before You Sit In Your New Armchair

In a new organisation and in your new role, your biggest risk is to try to be someone you are not. Your greatest strength is to be who you are.

The day you have been waiting for has arrived and you have received the promised job offer. Your new position will take you forward. The new organisation is a leader in its field… Important…

The agreed start date in the new organisation is a few weeks away, time is running out. How do you prepare? There are some risks when moving to a new position, how do you manage this risk, how will you manage it? How will you make sure you are ready?

For such a situation, the following recommendations will help;

1. Leave the old organisation gracefully: just as there is no second chance to make a first impression, there is no going back to the process of leaving a company; you should consider how this process can help or hurt your reputation as a professional.
2. Get to know your new company as much as possible.
3. Think about what you need to leave behind: Now is the time to reflect on your past performance interviews and achievements and focus on how you can turn them into successes in your new company and role. Beginnings begin with endings.
4. Move forward with a fresh mind: You were chosen for your new position because of your field and/or because you are the functional expert, you are the subject matter expert. However, be prepared to be dragged by the team at the beginning, to be a player, not a conductor.
5. Prioritise listening: Nothing is more important to early success in your new role than how well you listen.
6. Work on your personal story: People in your new organisation will want to get to know you. Work on your personal story without sharing it.
7. Think long and hard about what it means to build trust: If you don’t have the skills to build trust, you are likely to be seen as an outsider and be ostracised.
8. Work on an alignment agenda with a mentor.
9. Focus on success: Mentally focus on success in preparation for meetings where everything is defined as very important and very urgent

These 3 questions are for the company’s Human Resources Department:

1. How prepared was the last person you hired? What support was given to him/her before joining your organisation? Ideally, what would have been good to do?
2. Was the new starter given the opportunity to use and see the company products, visit the product showroom if there is one and/or experience the services offered? What will you do differently next time?
3. Assuming that an internal mentor is assigned to the new professional before he/she starts work, what is the role of the mentor in this case? How can mentoring be more effective?

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