The Power of Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture

In an ever-evolving business world, the role of culture in driving organizational success has become increasingly important. Today’s senior leaders understand that culture is not only intangible, but also a powerful concept that can make or break an organization. Given the far-reaching impact of culture, it is important to understand that building a robust culture is not a one-time project or an isolated initiative; it is an ongoing journey that requires constant attention and dedicated leadership. In this article, we will explore how culture shapes an organization’s destiny and how leadership approaches can harness the power of culture for sustainable growth and success.


The Future of Human Resource Management: Digital Transformation and Strategic Role

Digitalization and HR: Human Resources Technologies

Digitalization is one of the biggest factors changing the foundation of HR management. HR technologies play an important role in processes such as recruitment, talent management, training and development. Technologies such as Human Resources Software (HRIS), data analytics, cloud-based applications and artificial intelligence are transforming the way HR departments do business. These technologies provide major benefits in data-driven decision making, automation of recruitment processes and improving the employee experience.