Your Trusted Partner

About us

HUMANERA is a Talent Acquisition Consultancy company established in February 2008 to help its business partners to make an impact on their change, transformation and strategic goals.

HUMANERA acts with the vision of being and maintaining an outstanding Talent Acquisition Consultancy company that leads its sector, inspires its employees and create value with excellence.

HUMANERA focus on achieving outstanding results, prefers preeminence in its chosen industry sectors. Our senior consultants have more than 20 years combined experience in talent acquisition consulting and coaching along with significant experience in various business fields, giving us a unique ability to assess business situations and provide solutions to our clients based on experience.

We provide outstanding consultative advice that assists organizations achieve their strategic top and middle management objectives. Our services are exacting, timely, and highly effective, and they are specifically designed to assist clients achieve their business goals.

HUMANERA serves its clients with honesty and professionalism, and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and business ethics.

As HUMANERA, we are driven by one objective: to serve our clients. Our commitment to quality governs every element of our assignments: our proprietary process, our people, and our network of proven and emerging talent.

Our Purpose

To help our business partners to make an impact on their change, transformation and strategic goals.

Our Vision

To be and maintain an outstanding talent acquisition consultancy company that leads its industry, inspires team members and create value with excellence.

Our Mission

To build a sustainable talent acquisition consultancy company that creates value for its business partners, give confidence in the field, and help them make permanent improvements in their performance.

Deep Experience

Our consultants have in-depth sector experience. When this is combined with a unique approach to talent acquisition, it allows us to build winning relationships with both clients and candidates.

Trusted Business Partner

With a long-term reliable, trusted business partnerships, we align our capabilities to bring you the ideal solutions to help you meet your immediate needs and your future goals.

Robust Communication

HUMANERA, with its professional approach, conveys the most up-to-date and rewarding information to its business partners in a timely and transparent manner.