Talent Acquisition Consultancy was founded in February 2008 by Göksel Önder to help our business partners create impact on their change, transformation and strategic goals.It acts with the vision of becoming and maintaining a distinguished talent acquisition consultancy company that leads its sector, inspires its employees and creates added value with excellence.It has undertaken the mission of being a sustainable company that adopts its candidates/customers as business partners, creates value and gives confidence in the field in which it operates. It maintains its relationships around this axis, focusing on long-term and value-adding.Since its establishment, HUMANERA has successfully completed numerous talent acquisition projects that will contribute to the realization of their goals, from leading international companies to large local organizations.

Deep experience...

HUMANERA's valuable consultants have more than 20 years of senior management experience in various industries and companies. Each of them has vast experience and deep business and industry knowledge. With the experience they have gained in various international and pioneering Turkish organizations where they have served and assumed important responsibilities, they make significant contributions to all projects they undertake, play a facilitating role in achieving the goals and increase the quality of cooperation.


Reliable Business Partner

HUMANERA lays the foundations of long-term reliable business partnerships with the long-term relationship it has established with the organizations it works with by fully understanding the needs and the superior achievements achieved as a result of the contributing suggestions it offers in the projects it works on.

Effective Communication

With its professional approach at every step, HUMANERA provides its business partners with the most up-to-date and healthy information in a timely and transparent manner.

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