We help you build successful teams to support your future strategy and create value for your organization.

It is inevitable that companies need to move forward with high performing talents in order to achieve corporate sustainability. HUMANERA provides an optimum overlap between the expectations of organizations with its structured processes, competency inventories, objective and comparative assessments, approach and high-performance project management.

Our Business Partners prefer HUMANERA because of its reputation for achieving successful results and making a significant contribution to the process, as well as meeting the high expectations of the Business Partners continuously and far above the standards.

The cornerstones of HUMANERA’s preference as a result of this success in all the work it takes responsibility for and as a result of long-term Business Partner relationships are as follows:

Deep Experience

We know and follow business dynamics, needs and trends in specific sectors.

With our deep experience, we quickly understand the needs of our business partners and gain an advantage in providing an effective service.

Our deep experience provides a broad knowledge and insight into the service we offer. This helps our partners to understand industry trends, prepare for future needs in advance and plan strategically.

Clear Plan and Transparency

We support effective communication and cooperation by managing our processes in an organized and transparent manner with a clear plan. We reinforce trust and ensure that the process is a positive experience. With a clear plan and transparency, we optimize our processes in line with the needs of our business partners while providing a clear roadmap to all stakeholders.

Values and Culture Alignment

We consider this assessment as an integral part of our talent acquisition consulting processes, as the alignment of our business partners with culture and values is a fundamental element for sustainable collaboration.

Commitment to Quality

We develop strategies to attract talents in line with the business strategies and goals of our business partners, and take a value-added approach to all our stakeholders. By contributing to the success of our business partners, we build long-term satisfaction and success.


Our fast recruitment processes are an important key for our business partners to succeed in a dynamic and competitive environment. By managing our processes at an efficient pace without compromising quality and compliance standards, we help contribute to the long-term success of our business partners.

Monitoring Our Contribution

We strengthen our communication and relationships with our business partners by monitoring our contribution.

Communicating regularly with our business partners and receiving their feedback on the services we provide allows us to review our business strategies and adjust them when necessary. Monitoring our contribution to the business partner provides space for a reliable business partnership.

Beyond Expectations
Shown Performance!

% 84

Project Completion Rate

1000 +

Number of Job Placements since 2008

% 92

Satisfaction Index

% 84

Minimum 3-year Retention Rate of Placed Candidates in their Companies

Since its establishment in 2008, HUMANERA, with its expert staff, original and embracing approach in projects is a consulting company that contributes in the field of talent acquisition.