Our Commitments


Quality is crucial to our success. HUMANERA undertakes to give its clients total commitment to the timely and in an ethical and professional manner.

We value business partners by building enriching relationships, ensuring shared success, and creating fulfilling results. We continually improve and innovate with training, systems, and processes.

We value a collaborative and trusting relationship with all stakeholders. We provide our business partners with the highest level of service with our excellent quality focus manner. We are proud to follow ethical rules in all our services and approaches.

By running satisfaction surveys constantly, we improve our processes based on our own stringent quality standards and procedures.

We regard satisfied clients become repeat clients who are more likely to entrusted us and share their experience with others.

The results of the surveys are published annually. We have a pleasure that more than three quarters of our business partners entrust us with minimum 9 assignments in a year and indicates that they would like to assign us again, gave us a 92% average satisfaction rating.