Duygu Erbay Kaplan

Talent Acquisition Manager

Duygu started her career as an Assistant in Talent Acquisition Consulting,
has completed his 18th year in the sector. As a consultant, he has worked independently in the sector, in the middle and upper
He has taken part in many recruitment projects at the recruitment level.
3 years as Recruitment Manager at one of Turkey’s leading e-commerce brands
During his tenure, he has also touched different functions of human resources.
She specializes in finding highly qualified candidates, interviewing and reporting.
A graduate of Boğaziçi University, Duygu has an extensive background in human resources.
education and experience.
He has led companies in different industry sectors such as technology, consumer products, healthcare, energy and services.
Duygu, who has made significant contributions to her employers with projects, started her career at HUMANERA,
She continues as Aegean Region Talent Acquisition Manager.