We are pleased to establish lasting relationships that inspire trust.


We would like to thank the entire Humanera team, in the presence of Mrs. Göksel Önder, for their intense efforts and support during the restructuring process of our company. Beyond the usual consultancy services, your participation in the processes as one of us, especially the fact that you are always available, helps us achieve our success has been the biggest factor. We express our satisfaction to have worked with Humanera, which is an important part of this great transformation our company has been through, and we hope that our cooperation will continue to increase.



We had the opportunity to work with Humanera for our search for different positions. For a long time, we worked with a mutual trust relationship. Their consultants are extremely caring, industry-savy, customer-focused, empathetic and quick. They helped me to recruit my teammates, who add a lot of value to my company. We had a very transparent, close, collaborative relationship with a constant flow of information. We were very pleased to work with Humanera.

Sinem Tarhan
Country General Director - Coty Kozmetik

From the moment we started working with Humanera, their expertise and customer-oriented solutions have enabled us to carry out our recruitment process successfully. It is a business partner that we can support without hesitation in our recruitment process with its result-oriented approach by accurately analyzing the corporate culture, the expectations of the teams and the competencies required in our vacant positions. They make a difference with their expert consultant staff, fast actions, honest and collaborative approaches. I would like to share that we enjoy our cooperation with Humanera Consulting.

Ekin Doğu Ekmekçigil
Yetenek Kazanımı Yönetmeni - BNP Paribas Cardiff

We started working with Humanera in 2019. The support we have received from both Istanbul and Izmir Offices has given us speed and efficiency in the field of Human Resources. In addition to facilitating our work as management, the adaptations that reflect on their daily lives in a short time also have a positive effect on our team members. We benefit from both the services we receive in the operational field and their guidance on improving the workflow and working climate. We are pleased to work with Humanera.

Ferit Sarper
Beylerbeyi Sarper İçecek A.Ş.

We are very pleased with the HUMANERA family, who made us meet with candidates who are in line with our company’s vision, who understand us and who will support our development. Thank you very much for increasing our growth rate and institutionalization processes with the right human resources.

So glad I have you…

Burak Hucuptan
CEO - Chef Seasons

We started working with HUMANERA in 2022. During the time we worked, they performed satisfactorily both in the candidate profiles presented and in all recruitment processes, we continue our work with satisfaction.

Nuriye Gümrükçüler
General Director - İmbat Ltd Şti

Most important feature that makes HUMANERA successful is its experienced consultant staff who share the same goals with us by adapting very quickly to our company priorities and expectations. They use these skills very well in identifying, attracting and acquiring the right candidates. They also work very professionally. They keep separate reports for all the roles we work with, respond quickly to e-mails and inform us about the process at every step. This allows us to work more efficiently and not to have a disconnection in communication. Before each of our collaborations, they hold meetings with friends working in both technical and HR fields, fully comprehending requirements of role and submitting candidates in this way. This saves both time and effort. Thank you very much for your sensitive approach and efforts throughout our business partnership.

Özge Günesen
Senior HR Manager - Orion Innovation

Humanera Danışmanlık ile farklı pozisyon arayışlarımız için çalışma fırsatımız oldu. Uzunca bir süre de karşılıklı güven ilişkisi ile çalıştık. Danışmanları son derece ilgili, sektör bilgisi sahibi, müşteri odaklı, empatik ve hızlılar. Şirketime çok katma değer sağlayan ekip arkadaşlarımı bünyeme katmama vesile oldular. Son derece şeffaf, yakın, işbirlikçi, bilgi akışının sürekli olduğu bir ilişkimiz oldu. Humanera ile çalışmaktan çok memnun kaldık.

Sinem Tarhan
Ülke Genel Müdürü - Coty Kozmetik