Nadiye Demirok

Business Development Manager

In 2006, she started her professional career in the field of Business Partnership Process Management and Business Development in the Tourism and Education sector to create value for individuals and organizations. In this role, she was responsible for meeting business partner demands, ensuring business partnership process follow-up and satisfaction, and managing business development processes in software projects in order to provide consultancy services in digital environment. In the field of Human Resources, as of 2009, she has taken part in the development of services and products in many functions of human resources by determining the needs of companies in talent acquisition, providing consultancy suggestions to the business partner with company analysis for organizational process structuring, directing project teams in process planning, monitoring the services provided and customer relationship management. She continues her quality and people-oriented professional career at HUMANERA Consulting as Business Development Manager in the management of processes such as determining the needs of potential business partners in talent acquisition and providing success-oriented consultancy services.