Sübeyra Karabulut

Team Leader, Senior Consultant

Prior to joining HUMANERA, Sübeyra started her career at Paramounts Kings Dominion in the USA as a Recruiter and then held executive positions in various global organizations for 18 years. She also managed talent acquisition processes and successfully delivered assignments in the UAE and USA.
She has made valuable contributions in order to bring the Technology, Industry and Automotive expertise to the important point within the companies she worked for. She specializes in optimal talent searches and candidate sourcing strategies and candidate-customer experience management. Sübeyra has also successfully completed sector-specific senior management positions.
Sübeyra, who has taken part in various projects with many global and local business partners in the fields of Technology, Industry and Automotive, continues her career as a Team Leader and Senior Consultant.
Sübeyra has a master’s degree in Human Resources Management from Marmara University, continues her volunteer work at universities and various associations in order to prepare young talents for business life and coaches university students.