Your Partner During Change


Depending on the needs of the business, such as mergers & acquisitions, relocation, technological progress, operational or/and workforce shrinking, termination of activities, restructuring, and so forth, companies may need to lay off their workforce. And some organizations help former employees transition to new jobs by using Outplacement Programs.

Absolute Flexibility

Our fully customisable Outplacement (career transition) Program is offered at all levels of the organization, from blue-collars to top management and is either delivered through individual one-on-one sessions or in a group or multiple sessions format.

The Program main topics include career guidance, competency assessment, effective resume writing, interview preparation, job search methods and skills, targeting the job market, developing networks, and negotiation.

Personalised Care

With vast practice in talent strategists and employer branding strategists, skilled interview coaches and experts in career exploration our Outplacement Career Coaches leverage our individual and collective expertise to ensure former employees have the deserved care and support they need.

Expert Support

Our outplacement (career transition) program is highly pragmatic and grounded, and built to work in today’s employment markets. Each individual is partnered with an experienced consultant who works with them on strategy, analysis and marketing aimed at ensuring effective career transition and progression. Our expert Outplacement Consultants work with each individual to understand their strengths, clarify their goals and market their value successfully.