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Executive Search

HUMANERA offers a unique perspective on culture and team harmony with its unique methodology.

Since our founding in 2008, leading multinational companies and highly reputable local organizations have trusted HUMANERA to build successful effective leadership teams.  We have taken active role in making significant contribution with the placement of best-fit talented leaders.

Our Executive Search Consultant Team have diverse professional background who worked within both executive search and in industry practices. Thus allow us with an in-depth understanding of the business area and competencies of the proffessionals and their environmental culture and performance required for success.

We help you determine which candidates have the right skill set and mindset for your company’s culture and build the retention framework that attracts the best-fit leaders.

Our in-depth industry experience, combined with our unique approach to talent, enables us to build coherent relationships with our business partners.

We assist with the integration (onboarding) of the successful candidate into the workplace with a strategic and well-executed onboarding program. The program accelerate the new leader’s contributions and organizational impact. We continue to maintain close ties with the hiring client and senior executive to ensure long term satisfaction for both parties.

As HUMANERA, we have unique methodology and approaches to managing clients-candidates relations, completing deep market analysis and screening candidates and we adhere to a high level of ethical standards to ensure excellence.

You may see the summarized phases of our Systematic and Comprehensive Executive Search process, executed meticulously for our reputable, respected local, international and multinational business partners;