Delivering best-fit talents fit to your organization

As HUMANERA Consulting, we focus on establishing a reliable, value-creating collaboration with organizations and potential talents.

Our wise consultants contribute to our business partners’ recruitment projects with the best-fit talents at the targeted time through meticulous research, accessing talent pool and strong, comprehensive and up-to-date database.

Our Process

  • Understanding client’s need
  • Identifying hiring need
  • Specify the role’s requirements
  • Strong and up-to-date database, network, target company
  • Screening, qualifying the candidates
  • Identifying the Long List of potential candidates
  • Detailed phone screening interview
  • Evidence based interviews with potential talents
  • Assessment center and personality envantories
  • Selecting the short list of talents
  • Presenting the Short List of talents’ reports
  • Interview organizations with stakeholders
  • Selecting the right-fit talent
  • Reference check
  • Regular feedback through all the process (all stakeholders)
  • Support through offer stage & offer acceptance
  • Satisfaction survey (all stakeholders)
  • Satisfaction follow-up (commencement date and beyond)
  • Close monitoring through onboarding process